LINS Institute strives to focus on applied-based research relating to Sustainable Development, namely grassroots community-based projects and low-cost interventions & innovations in support of sustainable development solutions.

The Research Unit was founded by international development economist and natural resource management experts (Purdue University, University of Florida, etc.)  with the assistance of senior fellows and advisors, including graduates, academics, professors and administrators from over a dozen top-tier universities/institutes with vast experience advising and facilitating Intergovernmental Organizations, State Agencies, International NGOs & Private Foundations: Purdue University, Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, USAID, UNICEF, UNFAO, IMF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, et al.


LINS conducts applied-based research and participates in fact-finding missions, feasibility studies, monitoring & evaluation processes, and socio-economic impact assessments relating to NGOs/grassroots projects, social enterprise ventures and social intervention & innovation initiatives.

In addition, LINS Institute conducts research relating to projects, ventures, initiatives and organizations that are short-listed for inclusion in factual content produced & directed by COL's Media Unit, Roofbox Media, for the purpose of confirming feasibility, sustainability, compatibility and accountability.


LINS also conducts proprietary research (qualitative and quantitative) relating to the strategic direction & growth strategy for the COL-LINS Network, encompassing feasibility studies, target identification, partnership evaluation, marketing research, tourism action plans, socioeconomic impact assessments, media & sponsorship ROI analysis, etc. The Research Unit also works in partnership with the COL's marketing & unit, Abbey Road Agency, to offer consulting services to CSR-focused Corporations, Intergovernmental Organizations, International NGOs, and Private Foundations.