Horizon Ecotourism is a social enterprise specializing in sustianable tourism advisory & destination management, overseeing design & delivery of small-group ecotourism adventures for social & eco-conscious tailored for high AB socio-economic group clients, integrating:

  • Curated Art, Cultutre & Music Tours
  • Guided Cultural Immersion Tours
  • Guided Ecotourism Adventures
  • Themed Lifestyle Travel: 1920s, 30s...
  • Luxury Trains & Farm-to-Table Living
  • Photography & Film Workshops
  • Fly-Camping: Big 5 Off-Road & Hot-Air Balloon Safaris
  • Sports & Outdoor Challenges: Trekking, Cycling, Golf...
  • Experiencitial Education & Collaborative Leanring
  • CSR Retreats + Expertial Marketing & Media Tie-ins

In association with the MLD Team, Horizon Ecotourism offers Goodwill Tours (Humanitarian & Conservation Projects) to Social & Eco-Conscious Individuals and CSR-focused SMEs and Corporations in an effort to:

  • provide safe, rewarding & life-changing experiences with special interaction
  • inform Participants/Sponsors about sustainable development solutions
  • assist in heritage preservation & human rights awareness
  • directly facilitate socioeconomic development
  • empower marginalized communities
  • support ecological conservation


We offer Participants & Sponsors the opportunity to elevate their Goodwill Tour & Ecotourism Adventure by upgrading with an adrenaline packed Trekking or Cycling Challenges integrating tribal & cultural immersion tours, culinary excursions and undulating landscapes, majestic waterfalls & panoramic views while also supporting empowerment & sustainable development initiatives.

Challenges are overseen by our Elevation Hybrid Team including

  • senior project managers & coordinators
  • leading mountaineering guides
  • former professional cyclists
  • medical practitioners

Alternatively our Elevation Team can design tailored Golf, Tennis and/or Soccer Challenges with professional coaches from IMG, PGA, LPGA, FIFA, UEUFA, etc.

In association with the Equilibrio Team, Horizon Ecotourism designs retreats that enable our Participants & Sponsors to find the perfect balance: emotional, physical, artistic & spiritual.

Our Fitness & Wellness Extensions offer Participants the opportunity to participant in fitness & performance clinics before rejuvenating with a range of massage therapy & beauty treatments or upgrade to our Pilates & Yoga Retreats (w/ Dance & Music Therapy) to experience world-class training from leading private instructors.

Alternatively, our Equilibrio Team can design tailored activities including Canoeing, Kayaking, Running, Sailing, Scuba Diving...


In association with Discovery Global, we offer executive coaching, professional training, experiential programs and team building in blended formats (On-line, On-Campus & On-Location) that:

  •  integrate interdisciplinary education
  •  embrace intercultural dialogue
  • examine the interconnecting forces shaping the world

The Senior Consultants at Discovery Global have over 250 years of combine experience providing professional training to global leaders:

Through the MLD United Academy, we are able to design, develop and deliver dynamic social-minded & eco-conscious Camps, Summer School & Semester Programs integrating on-line, module-based & experiential courses focusing on leadership development, team building and service-based learning across science, arts for humanity, sustainable fashion, sports for development & peace, etc., to prepare & offer:

  • high school students for proactive college degree program (college placement opportunities)
  • third-level students for management track/career path decision (recruitment opportunities)
  • post-grad/vocational students for leadership track/career path decisions or transition (recruitment  and/or job advancement opportunities)

In conjunction with LINS Institute, we also offer our clients a range of interdisciplinary, applied-based research and training services.

LINS Institute focuses on the design & delivery of 1.) interdisciplinary education projects, applied-based research and training services and 2.) Planning & Logistics, Feasibility Studies, & Fact-Finding Missions, working in conjunction with or on behalf of top-tier universities and research & medical institutes to develop road-maps & build alliances with like-minded organizations in support of sustainable development solutions.  Our Senior Researchers & Project Managers have assisted leading private foundations, international NGOs and Intergovernmental Organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and several UN bodies.


Horizon Ecotourism works closely with Abbey Road Agency, LINS Institute and Roofbox Media

  • Experiential marketing, corporate hospitality & loyalty programs across Goodwill Tours, Ecotourism Adventures, CSR Challenges/Retreats & Talent Acquisitions (Entourage Program: Celebrity Hosts/Guest Speakers: WME, IMG...)

  • Interdisciplinary & experiential education and collaborative learning & Research offerings (i.e. Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Team Building Exercises, CSR & Gender Equality Courses, Marketing Workshops, Capstone Projects, Incubators, etc. in conjunction with LINS Institute and Discovery Global that combined have provided unmatched offerings to a powerful list of industry leaders: XXXXX

  • Cause Markeitng, CSR Campaigns & Media-Ins in partnership with Roofbox Media that provide unparalleled global reach & visibility to increase ROI & Brand Integrity/Equity for corporations, NGOs & foundation: Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Panasonic, Honda, Accenture, SOS Children's Villages, Doctors without Borders...